Established in 2008, Nollywood Movies is the first 24 hour channel (Sky 329 and Virgin Media 835) showing over 30 Nigerian movies monthly from across various genres. Transmitting 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, we strive towards our vision of creating a home for Nollywood in the heart of the United Kingdom.


Passionate about nurturing our movie industry and growing its talents, we organise the most prestigious annual award, Nolly Awards, celebrating our indigenous creative artistes on screen and behind the camera. Going a step further, we partner with artistes, producers and other creators in promoting the Nigerian creative industry through various events across the UK including movie premieres, music concerts and comedy shows.

 Our prime time slots start at 6pm Monday through Fridays and 4pm on Saturdays; during this time our viewers watch the best Nollywood movies across all genres including Comedy, Drama, Romance, Traditional and Yoruba titles. You can always kick back, relax and enjoy the latest releases at your fingertips.

 With all our movies in English (or subtitled in English) we reach millions of viewers across Europe. We continue to showcase the best of Nollywood with a different movie every day at 7pm and Yoruba premieres on Mondays at 7pm.


Our Values and Objectives

As a channel dedicated mainly to showcasing movies from the Nigerian film industry, we have grown to be the preferred movie channel for Nollywood movies in the UK, across the rest of Europe and beyond. Our growth is predicated on our key values.



  Quality assurance




Our Main Objectives Remain

To sustain a good relationship with content providers; rewarding them fairly for content and encouraging the growth of the creative industry.

To provide value for money through a wide range of movie content

To deliver, 24 hours a day, the best in Nigerian movie entertainment

Viewership & Demographics

Our viewership cuts across different cultural backgrounds connecting with viewers from across the globe and enriching our diverse audience with the wealth of our African heritage.

Audience Profile & Viewing Segments

Source: BARB (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board). Data based on Individuals 4+, whole day. Heavy/ Medium/Light viewer groups have been created by segmenting the channels audience (3+ minutes Cont. reach) into thirds, based on weight viewing.