Why do you repeat movies?

As a movie channel, we acquire licences to show movie titles for a year at a fee. To optimise value we ensure our titles are viewed by our viewers throughout the year. Our programming schedule is designed to give our various viewers an opportunity to watch movie premieres missed/not recorded. However we are very sensitive to the viewing experience of our new and loyal viewers, subsequently our repeat patterns are carefully planned to ensure they are not repeated frequently within the same time slot.

When do you show new movies?

You can catch a different movie everyday at 7pm on the channel with Yoruba titles showing Saturdays at 4pm and Mondays at 7pm.

Do you only show movies?

Our primary content is film; however we also offer in-depth and exclusive interviews with some of the most famous Nigerian film celebrities, as well as soap operas and entertainment news from across the Movie industry.

Are your movies suitable for family viewing?

All our movies have been edited to make them suitable for general viewing. However we do recommend parental guidance as some scenes might be unsuitable for younger viewers

Do I have to pay for subscription?

From 1.6.16, Nollywood Movies will be free to view on Sky. No subscription fees will apply, making Nollywood accessible to everyone

What happens with the rest of my subscription with Nollywood Movies now free?

Subscription fees will be refunded for contracts beyond the 1st of June 2016 on Sky. All applicable accounts will be contacted via email by our dedicated customer service team. If you have specific queries about your contract please call us on 0208 961 8892 and we’d be happy to help.

Are you only available on Sky?

We are available on Sky 329 and Virgin Media 835.

How do I get Nollywood Movies?

To watch over 30 different movies each month, simply go to SKY 329 to enjoy Nollywood Blockbusters, classics, traditional and Yoruba titles for free. For Virgin media customers, please contact the Virgin media customer service to get Nollywood Movies on Virgin Media 835.

Would you ever show a requested movie on Nollywood movies?

We offer a wide variety of titles from across various genres of the Nigerian film industry, including English, Yoruba and traditional titles. Although we’d like to show every movie from Nollywood, we only have licences for some titles. However if there’s a particularly great movie you’d love to see on the channel, please email us at info@nollywoodmovies.tv and we’ll work hard to get it if we can!

Where do I send feedback and comments?

We would love to hear from you so please send your comments and feedback to us at feedback@nollywoodmovies.tv

My Nollywood Movies channel is coming up with an error message?

The error message should point you in the right direction with a phone number to call. However it might just be the weather acting up and disrupting the signals. Your best bet is to switch off your viewing box and switch it on again. Hopefully this resolves your problem, if it doesn’t then you might need to call your cable provider.

My favourite movie was shown in the afternoon, why can’t you show it later in the evening?

Our Programming schedule is carefully designed to ensure our movie premieres are shown at times suitable for the various types of viewers that enjoy our channel. Our prime time movies are shown at 7pm and repeated later during the week.

I missed a movie premiere on Nollywood Movies; will you be showing it again?

Our Programming schedule is carefully designed to ensure our movie premieres are shown at times suitable for the various types of viewers that enjoy our channel. Our prime time movies are shown at 7pm and repeated later during the week. If you miss a movie during the day, don’t panic, you’ll get a chance to watch it again.

Why do you show adverts in the middle of movies?

To make Nollywood Movies accessible to all, we decided to remove the barrier of subscription fees. This means we now rely solely on advertising revenue to purchase a wide variety of titles to showcase to our amazing viewers. However we try our best to keep it to the minimum to ensure a pleasant viewing experience for all our fans!

Can I show my movie/short film on Nollywood Movies?

We are definitely interested in hearing from talented producers and film makers from the Nigerian film industry in Nigeria and from across the diaspora. If you have a great film project please get in touch with us via email at info@nollywoodmovies.tv or telephone on 02089618892. Please speak with us first before sending any content.

How can I place adverts on Nollywood Movies?

Our advert rates are available on request. If you would like to place an advert with us, please email our dedicated adverts team at adverts@nollywoodmovies.tv.

I’d like to act in Nollywood films, can you help me?

Although we are deeply passionate about nurturing and growing the Nigerian movie industry through showcasing and awarding its talented contributors, we unfortunately rarely produce movie content ourselves. Nevertheless if you are interested in acting, we do from time to time make casting calls for short films, feature movies and community film projects on the channel. So please look out for those on the Nollywood Movies channel.

Who do I contact to sponsor a premiere on Nollywood Movies?

If you would like to sponsor a movie premiere, please contact our adverts team on adverts@nollywoodmovies.tv


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